Tree Sanctuary

A morning with the crew from Tree Sanctuary

For Dominic and his team, its trees in the ground!
It's not every day that one has the opportunity to visit a Tree Nursery and witness the process of a Tree Planting project.
I could not resist writing a snippet about how awesome it was to be afforded the opportunity to document a process that inspires.
I met up with Dominic - the founder and owner of the nursery and his crew, instantly we began the morning loading trees onto the back of his van and delivering them to the planting site. These trees have been nurtured over the years till they are ready to be sold and planted. The Sanctuary offers 10 L Trees, 40 L Trees, and 100 L Trees and growing, however, Dominic made it clear to me that no tree is to leave the Sanctuary until they have gone through meticulous inspections.
Production is tight and when working with nature and a changing climate you begin to run into all sorts of scenarios especially during severe droughts as Cape Town has experienced over the years, water is life and you're quickly reminded of it when you're a farmer! From what I can understand, when planning a planting project Dominic and his crew need to consider not just water distribution through-out the nursery production but a myriad of questions based on the species they are selling. In some respects, Dominic needs to consider what a specie requires in-order to successfully develop and achieve either an aesthetic or utilitarian position or  for the most part, both. Projecting into the future to ensure a 'sustainable' planting project is an integral part of  Dominic's practice as a 'Tree Grower.'
This particular process of loading and placing trees went on for a few hours, I learned that this is not a usual tree transporting process, it all depends on the quantity and distance for each job. For this job, the site was fairly close to the nursery, therefore the crew opted for a 'back and forward' loading process. The Trees were placed adjacent to a quarry to help curb dust flow into Neighbouring farms, however, for Dominic and his team its trees in the ground and once the quarry is done digging, there shall be an avenue of Trees.
It was a privilege to work alongside Dominic and his crew and I'm really excited to witness the Sanctuary's continued growth over the years to come.
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