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A 5 year tree planting project with the Tree Sanctuary 
BRAND :  Tree Sanctuary
THE BRIEF: Create lifestyle images inspired by Dominic's passion for growing trees and sustainable planting projects.
THE PROCESS : We traveled to Dominic's home and Tree Nursery where we met his crew and became acquainted with the various trees the team nurtures before they head off to their respected homes. We accompanied Dom and his team on a large Tree planting project which is currently in its first year of production - a 5-year project where the nursery is to produce, project manage and implement a sustainable planting program in the Cape Overberg. Over the course of a two days we documented the project undertaken by Dominic and his team. Spending time with Dominic enabled us to get to know his life outside of the nursery and how growing trees was more than just a job but a lifestyle which feeds into his love for surfing and the environment.
The colour and tone treatment for this particular planting project was partly inspired by the winter light that was present over the two days of planting and partly by Kodak film. The shoot was completely shot in natural light, therefore we opted to shoot early mornings and evenings which meant we had time to get to know our subjects and plan potential scenes, however, this shoot adopted a documentary style to it's overall aesthetic.
TESTIMONIAL : 'Nic's commitment to learning about our company philosophy, the way we grow and sustainably plant trees is evident in the image results. The pictures not only speak to a psychological atmosphere around the necessity of planting indigenous trees but also the severity of how we desperately need to live in accordance with the natural environment and planting trees is a huge part of that.'
DESTINATION : Artwork created will form part of Tree Sanctuary's social media & print marketing campaigns.
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