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My continued dialogue between Painting and Photography
Photography & Painting - they ‘feed’ each other, cross - pollinating in terms of research, design and aesthetics.
Nic De Jesus began a year-long artist in residence program, at Saltmarsh Farmhouse - a 16th century country house in the Cuckmere Valley to investigate a new body of work called, A light in the Valley. After experiencing a psychological breakdown, Nic began an enquiry within, to explore his full potential, that is becoming far more than he ever imagined.
Art by Nic De Jesus -
Film made possible with funding from Nitram Art Inc. -
Film by Mark Waters -
Sound design - Adam Layland
Music source -
Location -

Making the time to work on creative development, also known as 'personal work' is really important for me, it's a period of growth as a human. Painting & Drawing have always & continue to run parallel to my practice as a photographer and over the years I've found that Photography and Painting ‘feed’ each other, cross-pollinating in terms of research, design, and aesthetics.
Personal work doesn't necessarily mean working on subject matter that only relates to your own psychology, it could also mean working on projects that generally speak to you or that may inspire new clientele. For me, at times, it's about a dialogue with my own psychology and most importantly with history and how specifically the master painters of the past may have thought about imagery, composed and told stories - often on a single panel.  
In short, the continued practice and exploration of my own dialogue between Painting, Photography and Art History continues to inspire me and has become a wonderful baseline in my own practice as a lens-based artist. In coming blog posts I shall be expanding on the History of Art, Landscape Painting and the correlation between Photography and Painting including the role of research in the arts.

This multimedia collaboration by Nic De Jesus and Kevin Row is inspired by a book titled Till Then… by Nic De Jesus. Till Then… is a blend of fact and fiction. It is a personal exploration of love, disarray and the relationship we have with “visiting passengers.”
Nic De Jesus
Cinematography, Editor 
Kevin Row
Creative Direction
Nic De Jesus & Kevin Row
Jovica, Robinhood76, Herbertboland, Benboncan, Fran-ky, Icmusic, Plagasul, Hammeerklavier, Tomcat9uk, Pushtobreak, Leady, Phr4kture, Andue

'Nature presents herself and I present myself, somewhere in the middle we make magic. It's an awesome friendship. The more time I spend honing my craft, the better I become at articulating the wonder I'm experiencing'
Filmed by: 
Mary Martin
Fergus Kennedy
Nic De Jesus
Aerial Imaging by:
Narration recording by
Fiddes Smith
Sound mixing & sound editing:
P.J.E Davy
Song for the Sun by P.J.E. Davy

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