Le Maroc

Personal work is important as it facilitates growth as an artist

The process is to have no process.
THE BRIEF: Create a visual poem in the fishing village of Taghazout, Morrocco.
THE PROCESS: The point of this poem was not to have a process, to allow my self the freedom to really explore the village. Previous to this trip I had spent 4 months in Taghazout and it really captured me - the surf, fishermen and daily grind was exhilarating. Over the months of living in the village, It was made aware to me that there was an unspoken dialogue between the native Berber people and the Muslim faith, not always one of optimism, nevertheless they lived together in this tiny village which unbeknown to me at the time had unconsciously crept its ways into the psychological atmosphere of the visual aesthetics.
GEAR USED: I went really light on this trip. I used a Leica M6 and a few rolls of film. 
For the water shots I used a Holga camera in a waterhousing with 35mm film. 
Thanks to my fixer, Muhammad - a local guardian for one of the British owned travel companies, I was able to access the bread makers workshop up on the mountain side, while they baked through the night ensuring that there was bread available the next morning. 
When working on personal work, I never really know what I'm going to photograph, at times the same is true for commercial work. There may be something in the scene that resonates with me intuitively that propels me to make the image, however, it's only when I'm in the editing room that the story really pulls together. 
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