Landscape & Food

Learning along the way

Food, well… I must confess, I’m a little spoilt in this department.
A fresh look at Land and Food and how much I though I knew as a consumer
In a previous post, I mentioned that I will be taking part in the UTCT 100 Km Ultra Trail Run on the 1st December 2018. (I'll again, expand on that a little more later :)) A huge part of my preparation is nutrition & learning the terrain, let alone conditioning my body to be on my feet for 12 hours plus. I’ve been taken down a rabbit hole of research to do with the mental and physical components that make up an endurance athlete. By no means am I claiming to be a seasoned athlete or a nutritionist, sports, psychologist or any academic along the lines of sport and wellness, I’m learning and reflecting as I go along.
The landscape here in Cape Town blows my mind, it’s incredibly beautiful! It’s a huge proponent into why I make images in the first place. As a result, I’ve had to stop training runs with my camera - need I say anymore. I grew up mostly surfing along the West Coast of Cape Town and leisurely walked up Table Mountain and Lions Head with friends, but I never thought to really explore the mountains, therefore in some way, I feel like a foreigner in my own land, I kinda dig that!
My Route Recces for the 100km is introducing me to locations I’ve yet to explore or even knew existed and the best thing is I’m discovering beautiful people along the way. Missioning the mountains has opened up a whole new world of intellectual, creative and health investigations - History, Culture, Community and Environmental discourse in our country, not to mention the world over.
Food, well… I must confess, I’m a little spoilt in this department. My partner is Nathalie Larsen AKA @earth_2_plate and she’s an amazing Plant-Based Chef, Consultant & Nutritional Coach. Nat’s is currently assisting me in maintaining my Nutrition. It’s an awesome collaboration, as you can imagine, because I get to learn every day about the ingredients that I consume and how they work with each other and within my body to provide a better and injury free me. Our kitchen is naturally a laboratory with Nat’s continuously developing new recipes for herself and clients, every now and then I jump in and ask, what’s that, and this? And This? What are the medicinal attributes of this? The answers are only presented after I have been tasked with washing dishes :)
What I continue to learn while living and training on a Plant-Based diet are that there is a whole lot of time required to re-educate myself on food and the simple ingredients that make up the compositions of my meals. It’s humbling and at times frustrating, especially when all I want is a bag of Fritos or a Snickers - Habits that continue to plague me! As an aspiring endurance athlete, I need to work closely with my body and mind and that means listening to what it actually requires and not what I have been “fed” over the years.
Landscape & Food, ingredients that nourish me on this awesome planet and that i'm blessed take up much of my life, throw the ocean into the mix and you have a recipe for one super stoked dude.
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