Earth To Plate

Curated photography that tells your story

The everyday ingredients that inspire Plant - Based living
'The Earth has music for those who listen'  - Nathalie Larsen
THE BRIEF: Create a still life campaign using ingredients that inspire Plant - Based living
THE PROCESS: Working closely with Nathalie, carefully selecting each ingredient from local sources, we decided to use digital photography in a studio setting. Applying one light and a reflector with the aim of a natural visual aesthetic, Each Ingredient was suspended in the studio to convey a sense of timelessness. 
TESTIMONIAL: 'We had so much fun sourcing amazing ingredients! Looking at each ingredient reaffirms the fact that it's important for us to cultivate a revolution in our farming practices and industrialized food processes - which is to say that in order to have beautiful flavorsome ingredients we need to have beautiful soil, as a result of conscious agricultural practices, we begin to deal with the issue of a climate that has been altered by man.' 
THE OUTCOME : The artworks created have formed part of Earth To Plate's print and marketing campaign including an additional revenue stream through the sale of limited edition prints
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