Earth To Plate

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The life & Inspiration of Plant - Based Chef, Nathalie Larsen
THE BRIEF: Create lifestyle images inspired by Nathalie's love for Plant Based living. 
THE PROCESS: Exploring the landscape that inspires Nathalie's cuisine has been a liberating experience, in that you think you know about the food you eat till you meet someone who really does know about the food We eat. We traveled with Nathalie to her family home in Gansbaai, markets in and around Cape Town, including friends living & growing amazing produce in the Cape  Overberg, South Africa. Nathalie shared her spiritual practice & philosophical inquiries and as a result, they have inspired the picture making process and aesthetics. ​​​​​​​
TESTIMONIAL: 'Nic's personable, authentic and meticulous approach to photography and storytelling has inspired a fresh look at my own practice as a chef. The atmosphere in his work leans itself to the way I feel about the food I love to make. Thanks, Nic and team!' 
THE OUTCOME: The artworks created has now formed part of Earth To Plate's ongoing print and social media marketing campaigns.
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