The Power of Imagery

Imagery & Memory

I'm no philosopher nor do I claim to have supernatural powers
I woke one morning with the below image in my head. The image has been living deep in my personal archives and for some reason I was drawn to it and decided to extract the image and begin working on it during a post production session. Unbeknownst to me, the image triggered an existential dialogue that has and still existed deep inside me, and clearly I was still arm wrestling with it .
There's a school of thought out there that considers this life to be 'void' and therefore begins to consider the next, leaving behind the rest. It sounds very dramatic, but hey...
After having a lengthy debate with a member of my own family who's attitude is one of 'There's more 'life', what's the point of 'this life' it's gone to shit anyways.' Whilst I appreciate and I am sensitive to the fact that the act of this statement is contextually and psychologically loaded, one can imagine that such a debate can run the risk of becoming a philosophical snowball, this particular debate eventually ended up in a warm spring.
I'm no philosopher nor do I claim to have supernatural powers, especially with my surname. Hesitating to sound like a contrarian, my counter argument was one of skepticism in relation to the statement presented. 'This life' does matter, Indeed, I may 'sense' that there is more to 'this life', however, what I currently 'know' is that you're in front of me, therefore, my approach to listening, my ability to empathise and what I say and do now, will inevitably destroy, assist, or Inspire the decisions you are going to make in your life to come.
Whilst I don't deny that there are other perceptual realities and that I should not limit my perceptual expansion, I do fear sometimes that such statements are an easy route out of 'dealing' with the 'flaws' of 'this life' - In my opinion, The notion of 'what's the point of this life or this life has gone to shit', among other such statements, becomes a psychological sense of security. Granted, within those statements there is room for inquiry, there's no denying that. What I am saying is that you're important and the decisions I make and you make affect people.
Fearing to ramble on here, I'll cut to the chase (6-sec generation) Even tho the progress is slow and the shifts to a more conscious and collaborative society may at times feel slow too but they are indeed happening, it comes down to the choice of whether or not one is willing to take up a position, whether that's to provoke the question, much like my own family member and much like the annoying Socrates - which in reflection has its place too or to become an active part in the development of making this life awesome for all, whether that's within your community, family or the way you care for your loved ones, really does matter. 
Have the best day!
Sending love 
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