A lens based artist working with brands & individuals

“Infused within me from a very young age, was a deep respect and love for the ocean, it’s coastlines and bordering landscapes. Being a surfer & runner my connection to the ocean & land is a visceral one. As a result, it’s environment(s) has become a primary focus within my work.” 
- Nic De Jesus
Nic began his artistic career in South Africa, assisting photographer Craig Kolesky and honed his craft as a Staff Photographer & Art Director for an independent action sports magazine in Cape Town. In 2007, Nic emigrated to London and spent the following years focussed on personal photographic essays, assisting and video editing. 
Although firmly rooted in lens-based mediums, his passion for Landscape Painting, Art History & Drawing has always run parallel to his practice as a photographer. This has resulted in a continuous dialogue between the two practices and are a baseline for his photographic aesthetic. 'Photography inspires my drawing & painting! When I am behind the lens, subconsciously my studies within Painting, Drawing & History inspire the frame.' Nic has exhibited drawings, paintings & photographic works in the UK, Italy, Russia, and Germany. His work is in private collections around the world.
His inspiration comes from the 18th century landscape painters and painters by the names of Nicolas PoussinClaude Lorraine and Thomas Cole. When he’s not researching, drawing the landscape & working on photographic assignments, he can be found trail running, paddling the oceans or surfing. 
Nic is a photographer who's practice is focused on the Landscape & Ocean and our relationship with it.
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